Giant dice: games for education, party fun and fundraising

Looking for new ways to play…?

With giant dice, you will discover…

● how they catch the attention of children, getting them to play, having fun and so learning.

● they are suitable for 3 year olds and upwards, their light weight and large size means children, and even adults, love to play with them as they feel delightfully spongy and playful.

● the idea of playing with these giant dice, revolves around physical activity, role play, recognition of shapes and colors, feelings, math, co-operation, and the excitement of the unknown with each throw of the dice.

● they are useful as a teaching resource, as they were developed in consultation with teachers and are considered by many to be a totally new, breakthrough learning aid.

they are also a hit at birthday parties for young children, adults and seniors depending on the dice content.

● they can be used at events, school fetes and fundraisers.

Use giant dice for...

● teaching children ● promoting physical activity ● engaging in play

● having exceptional party fun ● fundraising

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Turtle trace race giant dice


Yoga giant dice game


Colours giant dice

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